Saudi Arabia Arrests Hamas Operatives


In an unprecedented move, Saudi Arabian security forces have arrested and imprisoned dozens of Palestinians and Jordanians, accusing them of fundraising and activism on behalf of the Hamas jihadist organization. The arrests include the leader of Hamas' Saudi-based operation in the Gulf Kingdom, prompting Hamas leaders in the Palestinian territories to enter weeks of negotiations with the Saudi royals before going public with the affair when they could not secure their operatives' release. The rift comes at a pivotal time, when the Kingdom is allying more closely with moderate Arab powers, the US and even Israel against the Iranian regime, Muslim Brotherhood-linked Qatar and other jihadist factions throughout the region.

News of the Hamas-linked arrests in Saudi broke yesterday just as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, "It looks like there will be no other choice but to embark on a wide scale campaign in Gaza." His admission comes amidst near-daily rocket fire, militant infiltration, border riots and, most recently, drone attacks from Gaza which are terrorizing nearby Israeli communities and forcing the IDF to dedicate considerable resources towards a constant and significant presence around the Strip. The Prime Minister did not confirm plans for such an operation, or indicate when it would take place, stating "I will not embark on it a moment before we are ready."

Shalom from Israel.