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From the days of King David to the Macabbean Revolt, from the Roman Occupation to the War of Independence, from the Six Day War to Yom Kippur, from Oslo to the Intifadas, the story of Israel has always been and will always be inseparable from the story of military struggle and war. While the world has always been and will always be divided over this tiny plot of land and those who defend it, few truly understand it.

Israel Alliance International’s LEGACY TOURS create opportunities around Israel and her borders whereby participants will:

  1. LEARN ABOUT THE PAST through a unique, intimate, thoughtful, and honest exploration of Israel’s military history

  2. LEARN ABOUT THE PRESENT to understand, honor, and preserve the legacy of the sacrifice of the IDF who have defended the modern state of Israel over the last 70 years

  3. LEARN ABOUT THE FUTURE to comprehend, prepare for, and engage in the complicated and tumultuous days ahead in the Middle East

LEGACY TOURS stand alone as the most unique tour experience of Israel today. While participants will miss out on some of the traditional tourist sites common among mainstream tourism, you will see a side of Israel and the region that few others ever will. You will interact with retired military leaders and intelligence officers who served in the War of Independence, Yom Kippur, the Six Day War, and Lebanon I and II (sometimes on the very grounds of historic battles they commanded). You will also interact with present day visionaries of the IDF to get an inside look at how the Israeli Army is engaging some of the most significant humanitarian crises and regional challenges of our generation.

LEGACY TOUR participants will also engage with evangelical ministry leaders pioneering in the region and renowned Bible teachers to consider what the Word says about Israel’s past, present, and future.

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Join us in 2019 for a trip of a lifetime.




JUNE 2019

June 9-19

JUNE 9—Depart JFK

JUNE 10—Dachau, Germany

JUNE 11—Depart Germany and Land in Israel

JUNE 12—Orientation on the Galilee: Historical and Theological Introduction 

JUNE 13—The Northern Front: Golan Heights

JUNE 14—The Northern Front: Lebanon

JUNE 15—The Southern Front: Gaza

JUNE 16—The Southern Front: Egypt 

JUNE 17—The Heartland: Hebron

JUNE 18—The Center of the Earth: Jerusalem 

JUNE 19—Depart Tel Aviv


november 3-13

NOV 3—Depart JFK

NOV 4—Dachau, Germany

NOV 5—Depart Germany and Land in Israel

NOV 6—Orientation on the Galilee: Historical and Theological Introduction  

NOV 7—The Northern Front: Golan Heights

NOV 8—The Northern Front: Lebanon

NOV 9—The Southern Front: Gaza

NOV 10—The Southern Front: Egypt 

NOV 11—The Heartland: Hebron

NOV 12—The Center of the Earth: Jerusalem 

NOV 13—Depart Tel Aviv

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Legacy Tour participants will hear from and interact with Israeli military commanders, renowned Bible teachers, and evangelical ministry leaders. A full list of names and bios will be added soon. To remain informed of news and updates subscribe to our mailing list.


check back soon for an updated list of participating speakers and leaders.

FOR SECURITY PURPOSES and sensitivity reasons, SOME NAMES will not be publicized.


Lt. Col (reserves) Marco Moreno served in the Israeli Defense Forces’ legendary ‘Humit (504) Intelligence Unit’ which specializes in operating human intelligence agents. In the wake of the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, Moreno was tasked to develop Israel’s response. In a surprising and historic move, Moreno pioneered what is now known today in the IDF as “The Good Neighbor Perspective.” As the architect of Israel’s wide scale effort to provide humanitarian aid to Syrians suffering in the middle of the ongoing Civil War, Moreno is one of the very few people who can tell the inside story of one of the most unique and fascinating relationships in recent history in the Middle East—Israeli Jews, international Christians, and Syrian Muslims.

Upon retirement, Moreno worked to support the Good Neighbor program as a civilian by building strategic relationships with the international Christian community to chart a new path forward together in the Middle East.

He is married with three children and lives in the Upper Galil in the north of Israel.


Joel Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author, film-maker, and teacher. Joel lives in the United States with his wife and five children.

With a special love for Israel and all the peoples of the Middle East, Joel travels globally, preparing the Church for the great challenges of our time, teaching on the gospel, living with biblical hope, the return of Jesus.

He is the author, editor, director, or producer of several books and documentaries, and is the host of the popular online Christian program, the Underground.

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Dalton Thomas is the Founder and President of Frontier Alliance International and FAI Relief. Dalton and his wife Anna have four sons and reside in the Golan Heights where they oversee FAI’s work throughout conflict zones in the Middle East. Since the outbreak of the Arab Spring and the Syrian revolution, they have lived and served in a humanitarian capacity throughout the war torn region.

For the last few years Dalton has been working with the Good Neighbor Unit of the Israeli Defense Force providing humanitarian aid to Syrians caught in the cross-fire of the Syrian Civil War.

In an increasingly polarized religious and political climate, Dalton and the FAI family are working to foster a region-wide alternative to jihad, genocide and war through mercy, sacrifice and enemy love.


Nikolai Boyadjiev is a Bulgarian philologist, linguist, and expert on 20th century European history and the Holocaust. He currently works for the Executive arm of the EU as a translator. He also serves with FAI on multiple international fronts.

Nikolai has been instrumental in drawing international attention to the true history of Bulgaria’s breathtaking achievement of the miraculous preservation of their entire population of Bulgaria’s Jewish citizens during the Nazi Holocaust.